Afuture Framework

Afuture came into being in 2007, with the aim of integrating economic strategies with the themes of sustainability. From its origins to the current day, it has evolved from a laboratory of ideas and projects to a philosophy of business sustainability, which stimulates the Group’s innovation and growth.



Strategic areas and objectives





"We want to take care of our collaborators so that they can provide value added services to customers and the local community"

  • Quality relationships with employees
  • Development of human resources and evaluation of competencies
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Industrial relations
  • Diversity and equal opportunity
  • Community development and engagement
  • Human rights protection




"We want to think in an innovative way and offer products that guarantee safety and quality criteria, so that they will remember their experience in our points of sale"

  • Product quality and safety
  • Accessibility and quality of services
  • Product information and communication
  • Responsible selling




"We want to protect the environment by involving our partners and suppliers with the contribution of our collaborators and customers"

  • Waste management
  • Energy efficiency and GHG emissions
  • Water management
  • Fuel management



AN On ongoing commitment

We are the leading global operator in food & beverage services for travelers, and we want what we do every day to be a step towards a better future. For everyone.


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